There are a multitude of reasons that people need and want to breathe pure air, and a huge range of scenarios when air purification systems can be used to improve the air quality and help ensure the comfort and safety of those using the spaces. Here, the air purifier experts at Airgle look at just four different places where customers have used their products to achieve refreshing air purity.

1. In the home
Research has shown that modern buildings, furnishings and appliances can release toxins and odours into the air of our homes. Add to this dust particles, smoke, external pollution and pollen, and it is easy to see why home air purification systems are growing in popularity. Those wishing to breathe the cleanest natural air are choosing the neat and compact Airgle AG300, specially designed to clean rooms up to 15 square metres, providing relief to those suffering from severe allergies, asthma and other respiratory issues. With a gas and odour filter, and the ability to remove harmful particles down to 0.003 microns with an efficiency of 99.999 per cent, the AG300 will give homeowners the confidence in their home air quality to sleep soundly at night.

2. In the car
For those who spend time in the car, on long journeys, or travelling through polluted city centres, the AG25 Personal Air Purifier could be the perfect clean air solution. Pollutants from inside and outside the car mean poor quality air can build up inside the car, which in turn can affect health and comfort. Add to this the potential risks of airborne bacteria and viruses within the small space when transporting passengers, as well as risks from second hand smoke. The small and portable Airgle AG25 has auto temperature control settings and is equipped with activated carbon and PCO filtration technologies that remove airborne pollutants, such as dust particles, odours, second-hand smoke, bacteria, viruses, allergens and VOCs. Small enough to carry from the car to the office, the AG25 is perfect for all personal air purification needs.

3. At work
Increasingly employers are recognising the importance of clean air at work. Office spaces contain many machines and appliances which can make the air impure, and having a large number of people together in one space can mean that illnesses can spread easily throughout the workforce. Clean air keeps workers comfortable, happy and well, and that keeps productivity high. Airgle produces air purification systems for different sized spaces, and the Airgle AG600 air purifier is perfect for small and mediums sized offices, whereby the medical grade AG900 air purifier is best placed for the larger office space. By investing in clean air in the workspace, businesses and employers are visibly investing in the health and wellbeing of their employees.

4. At the doctors’ surgery
One of the greatest benefits of air purification systems is their ability to rid the air of harmful bacteria and viruses, therefore perhaps bringing the biggest benefit to the doctors’ surgery – a space of high traffic which brings together those with potential viruses and the most vulnerable who need to be kept safe from illness. By installing an Airgle medical grade air purification system such as the AG900, surgeries can keep their patients and staff safer, knowing that airborne viruses and parthogens have been eliminated to 99.9999 per cent, and that in just a single pass viruses and bacteria are removed.